The Inclusion Foundation is a dedicated not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) aiming to improve the lives of millions. Our mission is for the industry to play their part in giving every person in the UK access to financial services and lift those least fortunate in society out of the poverty trap. We will do this by providing better access to information on financial services that’s more inclusive and signpost people to the right products.

We aim to achieve this as an industry through lobbying key stakeholders in government, commerce and consumer groups, as well as offering the banking world a wide range of vital services so they have the tools to get on board.

Timeline of events

In March 2018

The Inclusion Signpost was created to be an independent accreditation service. It recognises products and services that serve those who have struggled to access traditional financial services.

SignpostNow was also launched as a product comparison site to help customers compare banking products with the Inclusion Signpost accreditation.

In September 2019

The Inclusion Foundation was established as a dedicated not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) with the mission to bring the industry together and tackle financial exclusion. Anne Pieckielon was appointed as CEO of The Inclusion Foundation backed by the Board, Pioneer Members, Ambassadors and Judges of the accreditation.

In October 2019

Neil Harris, The Inclusion Foundation Chairperson was a significant benefactor to the programme.

In December 2019

The Inclusion Foundation was launched to the media.

In a short period of time, the Inclusion Foundation we have gained significant support and interest from the financial services industry. We believe the foundation can give people the financial tools to make their lives better. We must lay strong foundations now so that we can successfully and credibly raise funds from industry investment and government grants. That’s why your support is so important.

Become a Pioneer Member

Corporate Institutions or individuals can play a key role in shaping the strategy and direction of the Inclusion Foundation, make early use of IF branding and get priority in product accreditation.

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