What IF financial services were available to all?

Around 13 million adults in the UK currently face financial exclusion

The ABC Guide - our journey towards a Cashless Society

What IF the financial industry worked together for everyone?

The Inclusion Foundation is a movement for social good that is bringing the financial services industry together to tackle financial exclusion.

  • 1 in 4 adults will experience financial exclusion at least once
  • Not having access to banking costs £500 per individual
  • We could help customers save £1.3bn a year
  • Inclusive services could unlock £500m for institutions

Unbanked, disowned

Many people don’t have bank and payments accounts, denying access to house ownership

Bad Credit

Many cannot access affordable credit and must take out high-cost loans. A payment account would build credit history

Increased Costs

For example, the excluded do not benefit from discounts for paying online or by Direct Debit

Our Services

To help tackle financial exclusion in the UK, The Inclusion Foundation runs three core services:

Inclusion Signpost

Accreditation for financially inclusive institutions

Signpost Now

Banking comparison website for consumers in need

Inclusion Academy

Education hub for banks, governments and consumers

Become a Pioneer Member

Corporate Institutions or individuals can play a key role in shaping the strategy and direction of the Inclusion Foundation, make early use of IF branding and get priority in product accreditation.

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Pioneer Partners

Get Involved

As an industry, we can help 13 million people save £1.8bn a year while delivering financial and CSR benefits for financial institutions. If you want to help make this happen, we’re looking for your support.